10 Ceramic Proppant Suppliers

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If you are in the mining business then you certainly know that the business needs a lot of proppants to be able to function on its full force. The more proppants you have the better your business will be able to work. As a businessman or simply someone who has started to get interested in the field, you might want to know that there are different companies that can provide tons of the ceramic proppant that you need. Check out ceramic proppant price per ton http://www.buyproppant.com/ceramic-proppant-price-per-ton/.It is very important to know about the suppliers in your field that way you will be able to get the best deals and also get the best products possible. The more you know about the options around you, the better your business will be.

Let’s take a look at 10 ceramic proppant suppliers that might be near you!

  1. R.W Sidley, INC

    R.W Sidley, INCLocated in Ohio, USA, The R.W Sidley Inc, is a specialized company that has everything for construction sites. It is possible to access their site at the following link http://www.rwsidley.com/ and take a complete look at everything that they currently offer for their clients. You will be able to find products for construction sites, minerals, truck sales and service, decorative products, landscaping equipment and products and much more.

  2. Davies Molding

    Davies MoldingAlso located in Ohio, Davies Molding has a complete line of products that will be able to serve your mining company successfully. With very competitive products and a wide array of options for the clients, the company has a very good reputation among the mining professionals and also businesses. Access and know more at http://www.daviesmolding.com/.

  3. Wanli Ceramic Proppant

    Wanli Ceramic ProppantPerfect for those who need high quality proppant materials in Texas. This company has years of tradition on the business and is more than ready to provide the full support for those who look for the right proppant. With a team of specialized professionals in the field, this company will be able to provide you all the support you need. Know more by accessing the official website at http://www.proppantwl.com/

  4. Saint Gobain Norpro

    Saint Gobain NorproAs a specialized manufacturer of ceramic based products (that can be used in mining), the Saint Goblin Norpro is the right option for those who are looking for high quality products that happen to be certified and 100% safe for usage. The quality of the company is great and its tradition certainly makes it even more reliable. It is possible to find their products in Ohio and also online http://www.norpro.saint-gobain.com/.

  5. Oxane Materials

    Oxane MaterialsA producer of proppants located in Huston, Texas. This company is the right source of proppants for companies that need high quality services. It is possible to get their materials whether you live in Texas or not. It is a high quality business that has everything to make your business go much smoother. You can take a look at their official site at www.oxanematerials.com

  6. Preferred Sands

    Preferred SandsAs one of the most traditional manufacturers of proppants for the oil and gas industry in the Radnor region, this company has everything to please its customers. It is possible to find products such as silica sand, resin-coated products, and any grade of frac sand upon request. Products meet API/ISO specifications for crush, sphericity, roundness and quality. Take a look at their official site at www.preferredsands.com

  7. Carbo Ceramics Huston

    Carbo Ceramics HustonOne of the most well-known ceramic and proppants producer in Huston, Texas. This is the right company for you to become a client if you are looking for high quality services, good deadlines and awesome products. You will definitely be able to find the right product for your business by contacting these professionals. Know more at their official website at the following link www.carboceramics.com

  8. Fores proppants

    Fores proppantsWell located and of the highest quality. You can find top quality products thanks to Fores proppants. It is possible to find their stores all over North America. This was done in order to give clients a much better way to get their proppants, after all it is known that both the USA and Canada have mining businesses. You can know more about the locations and products at their official website http://www.foresproppants.com

  9. Thor Soil

    Thor SoilAnother high quality proppant manufacturer that is able to send to companies all over the USA. The company is very proud to serve both the USA and Canada. Know more at http://thorsoil.com/

  10. US Silica

    US SilicaPerfect for companies that always need to have proppants at their disposal, the US Silica has everything to please even the most exigent businessmen. They have manufacturing plants that are perfect for your business. Know more at http://www.ussilica.com/products/proppants.

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