Ceramic Proppant Price Per Ton

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Many people wonder how much it costs to actually buy tons of ceramic proppant. If you are in the gas or oil field then you probably around know that ceramic proppants are one of the best options – if not the best option itself – to get the best results possible. It is also known that by using ceramic proppants, it is possible to increase the productivity as well as lifetime of the well. If you are interested in making the best out of your gas and oil company then having the help of high quality ceramic proppants is indeed a must.Read more on ceramic proppants by clicking here. If you are interested in buying proppant then it is very important for you to understand that it might not be the cheapest thing on Earth; however with a little bit of research as well as some quotations then you will definitely be able to make a very good business and help your company to expand and always produce high quality products.

Buying Ceramic proppant: the basics

Ceramic proppantIt is very important to understand that you can find different prices per ton thanks to the fact that you have a very diversified market to choose from. It is possible to buy from companies that are close to you and also buy from companies that are miles and miles away from you.Read more information on Ceramic Proppant Suppliers http://www.buyproppant.com/10-ceramic-proppant-suppliers/.Did you know that you can also buy online? Yes, you can buy ceramic proppants without having to leave your office or even home. Of course you will have to pay attention to prices and do a very good research first; however it is possible to find Chinese companies that are willing to sell tons and tons of ceramic proppants online.

If you are experienced in the business you will find it possible to buy your tons of ceramic proppant online, thanks to sites such as http://www.alibaba.com/showroom/ceramic-proppant.html that display the information in a clear and concise way and help people that do not want to waste more time nor money to find the best deals for their company.

The average pricing

The price of each ton of ceramic proppant directly depends on the company. Of course we have an average thought, and we are going to help you find out right now. First of all, before we actually get to the values, it is important to understand that some companies have a minimum order quantity that future clients need to meet. Some companies only sell their products if clients buy let’s say 1500 or more tons. The values vary, however most companies only sell with a minimum order. It is possible to find companies that have small minimum orders such as 20 or even 180 tons; however other companies are used to sending only over 1000 tons per time, which may make business less likely to happen to certain companies.

The pricing

It is possible to find very good prices per ton. It is already known that ceramic proppant is rather expensive, which means it will not be possible to find tons for less than a couple of hundreds of dollars. It is more common to see the metric ton per at least $300 dollars and usually costing no more than $800 dollars. It is important to remember that they sell by metric ton, which means you will need many thousands ordering your ceramic proppants. If you are buying online you will usually pay from $300-$800 dollars, as stated previously, and will also have to pay taxes and other duties. After all the prices shown are usually regarding the FOB price, which happens to be the pricing charged by the company without taking into consideration the other expenses that are involved in the whole purchase process.

Keep an eye out for possible issues.

It is very important to try a company that has a certain tradition on the market. Even though some prices might seem to be tantalizing it is important to always check the reputation of the company beforehand and always check whether or not the company truly exists. If you have done a complete scanning of the company and is ready to start doing business then make sure you call the company, ask for samples that way you will be able to see whether or not their product is truly good. It is always possible to save money while buying ceramic proppants, all that it takes some time, patience and also experience to do the best businesses possible. Hope we were of help, keep on searching and good luck!

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