What Is The Density of Ceramic Proppant?

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Those who think that ceramic proppants are all the same and that they do not have anything special and specific are mistaken. It is always very important to keep in mind that ceramic proppants are not always the same thing, especially when we are dealing with buyers and producers. It is essential to know why there are different densities, which differences they hold from each other and also most importantly, know that they actually exist. If you are interested in ceramic proppants keep on reading, we will show you a couple of very interesting facts that not everyone know about this very important proppant.

The diversity of types and densities

As you probably already know, ceramic is one of the most well known and most expensive proppants used in oil and gas plants all over the world, especially in North America and Asia. When it comes to ceramic proppants it is known that they are much smoother when compared to other proppants. The ceramic kind is also rounder and is perfect to withstand high temperatures and high pressure as well. This is also the right proppant for those who would like to extend the life of the gas and oil wells and areas to up to 100%! This is a much more expensive option that indeed has its advantages.

When talking about the different kinds of ceramic proppants, we cannot forget to mention that most of their difference is given according to their density. We have the lightweight ceramic proppant, the intermediate density ceramic and also the high density ceramic. Each kind has quality and is used in different areas to achieve different results. Types of ProppantAlthough the most commonly used ceramic proppant is the lightweight kind, it is also possible to find good uses for the other types of ceramic proppants.

The quality of ceramic cannot be found anywhere else!

Ceramic is a high conductivity proppant that is the best option for those who would like to achieve the best results. It might sound crazy, however lightweight ceramic will have companies spend less than if they use intermediate density ceramic. For example, when we have a fracture that can fit 100.000 lbs of lightweight ceramic, we will need to have 120.000 lbs of intermediate density ceramic to fill in the same space, which means lightweight, is usually the best option to save money.

What Is The Density of Ceramic Proppant?

Of course each case will need a specific kind of ceramic density, however most of the times companies will notice that the lightweight will provide the best results while not being used too much. Therefore companies will also be able to save money, after all more lbs that they buy the more money that they are going to spend. It is very important to only buy high quality ceramic proppants, whether they are lightweight, intermediate or high density. The more information you have regarding the quality of the product, the better.

The bottom line

We can then conclude that the density of the ceramic proppants can indeed matter when it comes to producing more, spending less and also having much better results. It is very important to study what kind of proppant is indeed the right answer for your business and also research the best prices available. Of course density varies and also changes results, that is why we have some brands and companies that produce these 3 different types of ceramic proppants,here is a list of Ceramic Proppant Suppliers that may be near you.The more you know about the proppants the better. It is interesting to know that the web is filled with very good and useful material that will be able to help you make the best decision possible. Before you go on about buying all types of proppants in different densities, it is very important to know beforehand whether or not your business can indeed use all kinds of densities. The more information you have the better. Make sure you keep on reading about this subject in order to get even more information. We truly hope our help made your life easier.

Read and always learn more!

It is possible to find a lot of very important and also interesting information at the following PDF. The more you know the better prepared you will be to understand how complex and amazing something like ceramic proppant can be.

Here is the link for further reading http://images.sdsmt.edu/learn/speakerpresentations/Kullman.pdf. This set of slides has very detailed information regarding proppants as well as some differences that are bound to make your working days much easier. Have fun!

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